The MedPlant network at Kick-off in Copenhagen – and what it’s all about…

MedPlant summerschool 2014 – Introduction video



MedPlant PhDs Karen Martinez, Natalie Iwanycki and Madeleine Ernst have produced three 3 min videos together with Meedom communication, communicating their research, which will be distributed through the social media and on www.medplant.eu.

MedPlant PhD Matthias Geck has produced a book entitled “Medicina tradicional y herbolaria zoque”, which is published in local language  and distributed free off charge in the indigenous communities in Mexico where fieldwork was conducted.

Link to full text:


MedPlant PhD Natalie Iwanycki gave a presentation entitled: “In the footsteps of early European colonists: retracing migration routes of a worldwide weed” at the annual Science Gala of the Natural History Museum of Denmark November 29th 2017.

Teixidor-Toneu, I. 2017. Medicinal plants: From traditional knowledge to scientific research. Catalyst, 27(4), 6-8.

MedPlant PhD Madeleine Ernst presented her research at a Wine and Science event, March 15th 2017, Natural History Museum, Denmark.

Medplant post-doc Rosa Buonfiglio has provided informal discussion and videoshooting about her project and MedPlant network at AstraZeneca (confidential). 

MedPlant PhD Karen Martinez gave a presentation entitled: “Domesticating deadly carrots for anticancer drugs – from farming with goats on Ibiza to green moss factories” at the annual Science Gala of the Natural History Museum of Denmark November 30th 2016.

MedPlant PhD Peter Staub has done a photo essay about his research project at www.ethnopharmacology.org.

MedPlant PhD Peter Staub has done an oral presentation about “A students’ perspective on MedPlant” at the 10th Annual Symposium of the Swiss Ethnobology Network.

MedPlant PhD Sugir Selliah has given a public talk at the Botanical Garden of Zürich 29th November 2016.

MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has, in close collaboration with Fadma Ait Iligh and Zahar Belkadi, a local teacher, developed a booklet for children which condense traditional knowledge about the most culturally important plants in Imegdale. It is to be distributed in local schools and among children. http://medplant.eu/site/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Medicinal-plant-booklet-official.pdf

Medplant PhD Vincent Manzanilla and Associated Proffessor Anneleen Kool University of Oslo hosted an event entitled Medicin, Food and Magic 15. Nov., 13:00 at Tøyen central station. https://www.nhm.uio.no/besok-oss/arrangementer/2015/medisin-mat-og-magi-i-marrakech.html?k=1

MedPlant PhDs Natalie Iwanycki, Madeleine Ernst and Karen Martinez particpated in a Pop-up exhibit surrounding flowering of Amorphophallus titanium (the corpse flower) in the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, where they talked to the public about botany and medicinal plant research.

Medplant PhD Vincent Manzanilla, University of Oslo, gave a talk in relation to an exposition on Desert Gardens and presenting a collection of seeds from different desertic areas in the world. 14 Mars 2015, 14:00 Rådhusgata 19, 0158 Oslo. http://www.b-oa.no/wp/aktuelt?open=929 and facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1421171284849729/

MedPlant PhD students Madeleine Ernst and Natalie Iwanycki, University of Copenhagen, has presented their projects to the public during the annual Open Day of the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen June 1, 2014 and June 2015.

MedPlant PhD Paul Wennekes, University of Reading, gave a lecture at the Blissfields festival, 5 July, 2014.

Popular article presenting MedPlant coordinator Nina Rønsted, published at Videnskab.dk, Nov. 30, 2014 http://videnskab.dk/krop-sundhed/din-medicin-er-proppet-med-naturens-giftstoffer

MedPlant PhD Matthias Geck has given radio interviews and taught ethnobotany at local schools.

MedPlant has produced a video about the summerschool on conducting and communication ethnobotancal researc, Morocco 2014. www.medplant.eu and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFIwJ0FB6Bo

MedPlant PhD Meadhbh Costigan has done a poster presentation to the general public at Zürich University and participated in the two MedPlant videos.

MedPlant PhD Karen Martinez has been part of the Darwin Initiative – CEPF May 2014, teaching students how to collect and press plants.

MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has during fieldwork, written articles for European local newspapers (both in Catalonia and Reading, UK, and posted blog posts at University of Reading Herbarium’s blog .

 MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has produced 1 outreach article in the “Langscape” magazine for biocultural diversity conservation: I. Teixidor Toneu. (winter issue 2015). Isafarn nudrar – flowerpots to help preserve biocultural diversity in the High Atlas.

MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has produced 1 blog post at blogs.reading.ac.uk: I. Teixidor (2014). Ethnobotany 2014 – the richness of a legacy – Conference

MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has hosted one workshop about local medicinal plant knowledge and use in a local school in Morocco (village of Tiniskt, May 2016).

MedPlant PhD Irene Teixidor has given a public talk for the Reading & Berkshire Natural History Society (Pangbourne, UK, November 2016), ”Who took the roots away? Tales about Moroccan medicinal plants”

MedPlant PhDs Natalie Iwanycki, Madeleine Ernst and Karen Martinez participated in Museum Science Night 2015, presenting research projects to the public.

MedPlant PhD Vincent Manzanilla has made presentations for master students in Morocco and teaching at University of Oslo  and been co-organiser/speaker an art gallery exhibition on Desert Garden http://www.b-oa.no/wp.

MedPlant PhD Madeleine Ernst has been part of Botanical Garden Day June 1st 2014 and in 2015, video presentation of MedPlant and the project and made tours of the Botanical Garden and short introduction to research project.

MedPlant PhD Natalie Iwanycki has been part of Botanical Garden Day June 1st 2014 and in 2015, been interviewed for MedPlant Ethnobotany Summer School Video and made a newsletter on the background and status of the project; distributed to collectors, cooperation partners and others – Plantago Clippings.

MedPlant PhD Astrid Henz has presented her project on the 3rd Finn Sandberg Symposium (14.04.2014) “Evolutionary Footsteps in Chemical Property Space”

MedPlant PhD Paul Wennekes has given general-public-oriented talks on evolution.

MedPlant has produced an introductory video www.medplant.eu and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK8anifPHQQ