Anneleen Kool

Anneleen Kool


Position: Supervisor for ESR13, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo


Project ESR13 Substitution and adulteration of complexes of medicinal roots.

The Natural History Museum (NHM) of the University of Oslo is vibrant research environment with a focus on collection of and research on Nordic biodiversity. The research facilities are situated in its lush Botanic Gardens, and draw researchers from all over the world. As the national repository of biodiversity it is actively engaged in projects on DNA barcoding of Norwegian genetic resources, and a number of research groups are involved in research in this area.

Hugo de Boer and Anneleen Kool have done extensive research on DNA barcoding of medicinal plants. Their research projects have often focused on species trade, such as threatened species, species of commercial interest, and illegally trade. Their collaborative research centers on developing genomic DNA barcoding methods for identification of hybrids. Furthermore, Hugo works on metabarcoding for detection of substitution in herbal pharmaceuticals, and molecular monitoring of trade in wildlife medicinals. Anneleen is also leading research at NHM on the role of Viking Age dispersals of flax and barley using ancient DNA.

• Associate Professor at the Botanic Gardens of The Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo.
• Works on medicinal plant DNA barcoding, Viking Age ancient DNA, evolution of the Caryophyllaceae family, and plant systematics and evolution.

Why did you find it important to be part of MedPlant?
MedPlant is providing us with a unique European platform to share ideas and to bring some of the best people together working in common fields.

What do you hope to gain/achieve as part of MedPlant?
The synergistic benefits of working in the MedPlant are already apparent in the quality and ambition of the projects that we have embarked on. I hope that all the partners will gain of permanent network of collaborators, and that the ESRs will use this network for international mobility from one partner to another to expand their skills and help the network grow.