Astrid Henz

Astrid Henz


Position: PhD-stud., Department of Pharmacognosy, Uppsala University, Sweden


About me
In the last years I dealt intensively with Plant Biotechnology. My personal focuses during my academic studies were on Molecular Plant Genetics, Biochemistry in Plants and Protein Purification. For my MSc thesis I worked in the Dept. of Molecular Plant Breeding, University of Hannover.

After my studies I received a scholarship, financed from European Union funds, to gain work- and research experience. At SweTree Technologies, Uppsala, I worked on long-term storage of elite clonal material via cryopreservation, quality control and evaluation of somatic embryogenic cell cultures of Norway spruce. Subsequently my former department employed me to extend my studies on the inheritance of flower color in roses by further molecular and biostatistical analyses.

  • 02/2013 – 06/2013: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Hannover, Dept. of Molecular Plant Breeding: gene mapping, QTL-analysis.
  • 04/2012 – 11/2012: Trainee and Research Engineer, SweTree Technologies AB, Uppsala: Cryopreservation and evaluation of clonal cell cultures of Picea abies.
  • 10/2009 – 02/2012: MSc in Plant Biotechnology, University of Hannover

 Why did you want to become part of MedPlant?
I was enthusiastic about the challenges and prospects, which this position offered.

What do you hope to achieve as part of MedPlant?
To reveal decisive factors that contribute to find new medicine derived from plants.

What do you hope to do after MedPlant?
To work on yet another ambitious project that deals with secondary plant metabolites.