Nyree Zerega, Chigago Botanic Gardens, AC12

Nyree Zerega, Chigago Botanic Gardens, AC12


Position: USA

Email: n-zerega@northwestern.edu

Associate Partner for projekt ESR4 Plantago major L. Travel tales of a worldwide weed.

My research aims to understand biological processes in an evolutionary context in plants, especially in neglected and underutilized tropical crops and their wild relatives. I integrate morphological, phylogenetic, genomic, and experimental field approaches with collections-based studies and am interested in phylogenetic and revisionary studies of tropical plant groups, the domestication and conservation of neglected and underutilized crops and their wild relatives, and plant reproductive ecology.

I am particularly interested in applying findings to 1) facilitate sustainable agriculture, crop improvement, and conservation of plant genetic resources, and 2) understand the diversity, origins, and human-mediated dispersal of cultivated plants.

Zerega Website: http://www.chicagobotanic.org/research/staff/zerega