Sujay Guha

Sujay Guha


Position: Post.doc, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland


About me
I am fascinated by the studies involving various dietary interventions and the use of small compounds to discover cures for diseases and disorders, and the molecular mechanisms behind their action. The use of various model systems, especially C. elegans, has emerged as a powerful tool to screen, identify, and evaluate the side effects of these compounds that can be developed into future therapies. During my PhD, by utilizing C. elegans, I assessed the prolongevity effects of dietary nutraceuticals and explored their potentials on CNS disorders. These studies not only equipped me with a solid knowledge and hands-on experience in the experimental use of C. elegans, but also aroused my interest in the use of this organism for drug development.

• B.Sc. Microbiology, S.P. University, India, 2001-2004
• M.Sc. Microbiology, University of Mysore, India, 2004-2006
• Executive – QC Microbiology, Reliance Life Sciences, Navi Mumbai, India, 2006-2008
• Ph.D. Microbiology, Clemson University, SC , USA, 2008-2013
• Research Associate, The Scripps Research Institute , Dept. of Metabolism and Aging , Jupiter, Florida, August, 2013-2014
• Research Associate, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Dept. Of Animal and Avian Sciences, 2014

Why did you want to become part of MedPlant?
I am mainly interested in screening, identifying, and developing compounds as therapeutics for combating the progression of various pathologies, and the molecular mechanisms involved in the action of these drugs and my MedPlant project gives me an opportunity to work on all these aspects. Also, I can collaborate with experts in different fields to provide solutions and ultimately further my learning.

What do you hope to achieve as part of MedPlant?
I am interested in developing a system for rapid and effective screening of potential lead compounds using the C. elegans as a model organism.

What do you hope to do after MedPlant?
After the MedPlant training, I hope to use my knowledge and experience to carry on other exciting projects.